Here is the Problem

It’s 2013 and you’re a web flipper that still uses Flippa to source the website deals. And I can guess that your mailbox is full of unread e-mails too.

I’m a big fan of RSS feeds and Google Reader.

It keeps me sane while following a zillion different blogs/websites on a lot of different and unrelated topics, from motorbikes to online recruiting industry, to Google Alerts on my business keywords.
And Flippa search results are not an exception to this.

But… wait a minute.

What happened to the “Feed for this search” option in the Flippa search result page??

Flippa Feed Search Result

Seems like in the last version of the Flippa website this option has been taken away from us.

Flipper are left with the only option to save the search and get e-mails notifications – that I absolutely hate!

I contacted the Flippa support and they confirmed my suspects:

Hi Daniele,

Thanks for contacting Flippa Customer Support.

Unfortunately the RSS Search Results feature has been removed, and we are unable to reinstate the feature at this point in time.

Please let us know if you need further information or assistance.

Kind Regards,

Flippa Customer Support.


Daniele, Jan 24 07:11 pm (EST):

Hi guys,
I used to check the search results via RSS, as documented here:

But I can’t find this option anymore with the latest website version.

Can you check and put it back?




And the Solution


Flippa XML example

Luckily for this industry the WebFlip Cowboys are here.

The Flippa support is wrong….  “Feed for this search” button is gone but the “RSS Search Results feature” is still working, trust me!

You only need to know how to build the right URL request to add in your Feed Reader.

The format of the URL is this:

http://flippa.com/buy-websites/customfeed?controller=buy&action=displayListings&age_min=<minimum age in month>&pagerank=<minimum pagerank>&revenue_max=<Max revenue>&revenue_min=<Min revenue>&status=open&type=website&uniques_min=<Min number of unique visitors/month>


Of course you can tune this URL and craft it to fit your search preferences.

The simplest thing to do is to follow our steps:

  1. Go to the Flippa Advanced Search page (https://flippa.com/search)
  2. Fill in your search preferences and get the results
  3. The results web page has all you need in the URL, just copy the part after


  4. Append the copied string to the RSS feed request URL:


  5. Add the resulting URL to your Feed Reader and enjoy!


I hope this WebFlip Cowboys tip will help you. I personally think that there are better and more profitable ways to source website deals than monitoring Flippa, but it’s always good to keep one eye on the trends and offers over there!


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