NOTE: We're not affiliate to Feedblitz, this is based on our first hand positive experience with their services.

Background Story…

Back in December, Google decided it was time to shutdown the AdSense for Feeds product.

Being the only source of revenues for the mighty and almost abandoned Feedburner service, many people are ready to bet that sooner than later big G will shut him down too.

AdSense for Feeds & Feedburner: a combination that opened doors to a very underestimated monetization opportunity.

In fact, if adding ads to an RSS Feed doesn’t sounds very interesting, you might be interested in adding them to your mailing list messages, wouldn’t you?

Of course this is now allowed by AdSense policies…. BUT… there are sometimes exceptions for whom read the small prints.

In this case the small prints are in AdSense AD placement policies:

Ads in emails

To ensure that the effectiveness of Google ads for both our publishers and advertisers, the Google AdSense programme does not permit AdSense ad code to be placed in email messages or newsletters. However, there is an exception for ads placed in emails through the AdSense for feeds product, which enables publishers to distribute their feed content through email.


Using this exception, it was possible to build revenue-generating mailing lists with the diabolic-duo Feedburner and AdSense for Feeds.

The effectiveness of this really depends on how you use your list.
Do you have a blog and subscribers receive an e-mail every time there’s a new post? Don’t expect much.
Do you have a listing service (es. job board) and subscribers receive daily e-mails with the latest listings? That’s sounds more appealing, especially because you can add one banner after each new entry.

So based on those premises, we have few websites in our portfolio that were generating 30% of the revenues via AdSense for Feeds.


It’s no surprise that we could not ignore the closure of AdSense for Feeds. We had to look somewhere else for RSS/Feed monetization.



…and The Opportunity

We evaluated adding CPA offers allowed by e-mail, as well as direct advertising but both options add overhead in the operations… people love AdSense because it just works well displaying contextualized ads with no effort.

After thoughtful researched and investigation, we got a winner: FeedBlitz.

With perfect timing, they announced a new program for monetization of RSS Feed (and e-mails) just few days after Google published the dead declaration of AdSense for Feeds.

FeedBlitz also have migration options from Feedburner to their services but…. wait a minute… Feedburner didn’t cost a dime while FeedBlitz is rightly charging for their services.

So the creative mind got to work to maximize profits and reduce costs.

The result is to keep Feedburner (as long as it will last!) as RSS & mailing list providerbut inject the ads via FeedBlitz.

This diagram surely helps the comprehension:

Feed Monetization Process

In this setup FeedBlitz has only 1 subscriber: Feedburner.

This allows to keep the basic FeedBlitz subscription, and maximize the revenues.



FeedBlitz Advertising Performances

After 1 month using the FeedBlitz service we’re now able to compare performances with the old AdSense for Feeds.
A word of caution: numbers are on an average over 1 year usage of AdSense vs 1 month usage of FeedBlitz so they are just to be used as an indication. We’re cowboys, after all!

CRT avg. 0.04% 0.06%
CRT avg. 0.10$ 0.30$

The average CPC of Feedblitz is just amazing!

Looking forward to hear some comments on this.
Are you monetizing your Feeds?